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Your child is your main project in life!

A manipulative board is a small investment in a child’s future ✨

Your child will develop faster than his peers, and you will save on purchasing a dozen or so educational toys

• The child will develop independently motor skills, logic, thinking, perseverance, coordination of movements, imagination and memory in a most funny way!
• 6 in 1. The busy house consists of 6 surfaces, representing 6 standard interactive boards.
• All elements of the manipulation board are selected and approved by an expert in the Montessori development method.

The child will be interested for a long time, and the toy will not get bored even after a month

48+ components include opening, closing, switching mechanisms, rotating parts, removable elements, various latches – all this variety attracts the baby repeatedly (according to real surveys conducted among moms).

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Choose the best gift now!

Our best houses are ready to go to you now! Give your child happy hours of play

The child will be able to dress independently for kindergarten

The manipulative boards feature selected games that develop the child’s independence and everyday skills: lacing, zippers, velcro, buttons, magnets. After this fun learning activity, your child will want to be independent in everyday life.

Replaces a child's night lamp

The built-in warm light makes Busy Board a real night lamp. All batteries are safely hidden from children and only an adult can replace them.

What do our customers say about us on Etsy?

BiziToys are made with love by Mom for your child

Every busy board was designed by mom-designer and founder of BiziToys Anastasia. Anastasia created the first toys for her children. Only a mother can create a toy for a child with all the love and attention to the smallest details ❤️

All team makes every toy with love and attention


This took the first prototype to be built and put into production


Working hard to create 1 Busy House educational toy for your child


This is how many children received a Bizitoys manipulative board as a gift in 2023

What path do the toys go through before they are created?


So many toys a mom designer studies before creating her first design layout


The mom-designer prepares 7 makets over the course of 14 days. Each one is sent to an expert in the Montessori methodology


So many days, 4 people in an art workshop prepare test pieces from 2-3 mock-ups in a single piece


9 toddlers are in a focus group where they play with test patterns. During this time, the mother-designer observes the children to note: which elements appeal more to the children and how the little fingers cope with them


Only one toy gathers all the best from 2-3 test samples after adjustments from the mom-designer according to the "criticism" of children


Stages of quality control in production. Input control of materials, assembly quality control, final product safety control

Choose a busy board for your little one!

Safe for children

The most active child will not destroy
the house in a week or a year

The walls of the house are made of solid plywood, 6mm thick. No thin plastic elements. Mounting with metal screws. No paper stickers.

Tasting and licking the toy
is completely safe for the child

Only hypoallergenic, odorless, water-based paints and varnishes that do not contain solvents are used. The color does not dissolve or smear in contact with saliva. All fasteners are attached mechanically, without the use of adhesives. Everything confirmed by an EU safety certificate.

Your child won’t get hurt on metal,
jagged edges or get hit by a wooden splinter

Each metal element is additionally hand-polished before mounting. Until the edges are perfectly smooth, the element will not be mounted on the wall. Both the inside and outside of the wooden elements are subjected to 3-stage manual sanding. The assembled toy is manually checked not only for quality but also for safety

The child does not swallow small parts

Replaceable components are large. No small parts within the child's immediate reach. The most dangerous fasteners are protected from the inside by an additional wooden backing. To prevent your child from reaching metal fasteners while playing inside the house.

Your child will not be able to swallow the batteries or get into the bulb wires

The batteries and all cables of the light are safely hidden from children in a sturdy wooden box. Only an adult can open the batteries to replace them. Instructions for replacing the batteries are included with the house

We create with love!

A large team carefully creates every element. We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the toy is safe for the child.

Look what our working day looks like! ❤️

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The wooden toy will be delivered to you safe and secure

The wooden toy will be delivered intact
  • moisture will not damage the wooden play board because the toy is vacuum packed in thermal foil;
  • a dense cardboard box protects the seized card from mechanical damage;
  • dense foil protects walls from scratches.

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