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BiziToys are made with love by Mom for your child

Every busy board was designed by mom-designer and founder of BiziToys Anastasia. Anastasia created the first toys for her children. Only a mother can create a toy for a child with all the love and attention to the smallest details ❤️

See How a new toy is meticulously created!

All team makes every toy with love and attention


This took the first prototype to be built and put into production


Working hard to create 1 Busy House educational toy for your child


This is how many children received a Bizitoys manipulative board as a gift in 2023

What path do the toys go through before they are created?


So many toys a mom designer studies before creating her first design layout


The mom-designer prepares 7 makets over the course of 14 days. Each one is sent to an expert in the Montessori methodology


So many days, 4 people in an art workshop prepare test pieces from 2-3 mock-ups in a single piece


9 toddlers are in a focus group where they play with test patterns. During this time, the mother-designer observes the children to note: which elements appeal more to the children and how the little fingers cope with them


Only one toy gathers all the best from 2-3 test samples after adjustments from the mom-designer according to the "criticism" of children


Stages of quality control in production. Input control of materials, assembly quality control, final product safety control

We create with love!

A large team carefully creates every element. We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the toy is safe for the child.

Look what our working day looks like! ❤️

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