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Material: high-quality 6 mm plywood

Lighting: green

Size: 26*26*24cm


“Busy House Mini SAFARI” by BiziToys is 6 manipulative boards in 1. It is a set of 23 elements for the early development of boys and girls aged 8 months to 5 years.

💛 Games on House 💛

Side 1. Animal maze ✨

Adorable African animals want to mate! To help them with this, the child must move the animals around the maze. This is a good exercise that develops logic, coordination of movements and imagination.

Side 2. Giraffe 🦒

  • The giraffe has a pocket on its belly fastened with a button. The material is very soft and stretches easily.
  • The sun is made in the form of a round element with sequins inside. By turning it, the sequins will scatter, which will attract the attention of every child.
  • A car with a tourist is “driving” next to the giraffe. The car door is closed. To open it, a key with a rubber band is hung on a palm tree. After opening the door, the child will see a transparent wall with a drawn tourist.

Side 3. Doors 🚪

A small door leads to the interior of the house, where the child can hide his toys. The doors are locked with several locks. There is a wooden hook on the top and a gear on the bottom. By turning it, the lock moves to the side. There is a soft rubber band on the wheel

Such small elements familiarize the toddler with the principles of operation of the lock

Side 4. Hippopotamus and chameleon 🦎

The hippopotamus has sequined fabric on its belly. If you swipe up, the sequins will change color.

A hippopotamus is fishing on the river. To help him, you need to put rubber bands on the fish next to him. The rubber bands are made of a soft material, pleasant to the touch. There is a zipper attached under the hippopotamus, which will teach the child an important skill – fastening zippers on clothes and shoes.

An unusual element is attached to the top of the wall – 4 rotating plates. A chameleon is drawn on one side and a snake on the other. The child can rotate the plates, changing the picture on them. An exercise developing motor and logical skills: how to turn the plates so that the picture is whole.

Roof 1. Plugs and animals 🦓

A wooden plug is attached to the very top of the house. Various African animals are painted on the wooden elements. They are attached with Velcro on the back and soft rubber bands in the middle of the wall.

Every animal has its place. The child must attach the pieces according to their logic. For example: an elephant sprinkles itself with water from its trunk, which means that it should be placed in a lake.

  • To help the child. Each element has its own color. The area with the rubber bands is colored especially for them. For example: a zebra stands in a light green clearing. So you need to find a clearing of the same color on the roof of the house

This game will not only introduce your child to various savannah animals, but will also be a good exercise in logic and motor skills

Roof 2. Switch 💡

The switch is shaped like a toucan. It turns on the light inside the house. To turn on the light inside, press the round element and turn it counterclockwise. To turn them off, do the same thing but in reverse.

All batteries are safely hidden from children and only an adult can replace them. Lacing at home will help your child learn to tie shoelaces. It is also a good exercise for finger motor skills.

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Reviews from our customers

Safe for children

The most active child will not destroy
the house in a week or a year

The walls of the house are made of solid plywood, 6mm thick. No thin plastic elements. Mounting with metal screws. No paper stickers.

Tasting and licking the toy
is completely safe for the child

Only hypoallergenic, odorless, water-based paints and varnishes that do not contain solvents are used. The color does not dissolve or smear in contact with saliva. All fasteners are attached mechanically, without the use of adhesives. Everything confirmed by an EU safety certificate.

Your child won’t get hurt on metal,
jagged edges or get hit by a wooden splinter

Each metal element is additionally hand-polished before mounting. Until the edges are perfectly smooth, the element will not be mounted on the wall. Both the inside and outside of the wooden elements are subjected to 3-stage manual sanding. The assembled toy is manually checked not only for quality but also for safety

The child does not swallow small parts

Replaceable components are large. No small parts within the child's immediate reach. The most dangerous fasteners are protected from the inside by an additional wooden backing. To prevent your child from reaching metal fasteners while playing inside the house.

Your child will not be able to swallow the batteries or get into the bulb wires

The batteries and all cables of the light are safely hidden from children in a sturdy wooden box. Only an adult can open the batteries to replace them. Instructions for replacing the batteries are included with the house

BiziToys are made with love by Mom for your child

Every busy board was designed by mom-designer and founder of BiziToys Anastasia. Anastasia created the first toys for her children. Only a mother can create a toy for a child with all the love and attention to the smallest details ❤️

See How a new toy is meticulously created!

All team makes every toy with love and attention


This took the first prototype to be built and put into production


Working hard to create 1 Busy House educational toy for your child


This is how many children received a Bizitoys manipulative board as a gift in 2023

We create with love!

A large team carefully creates every element. We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that the toy is safe for the child.

Look what our working day looks like! ❤️